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Category: Consulting, Hackathons, Workshops

Client: PMI, GE, Casinos Austria/Austrian Lotteries...

Date: Since 2009

Your goal

“Intrapreneurship is empowering the entrepreneurs inside your enterprise.”

With disruptive innovation coming from everywhere and faster than ever before, your company needs to act. Intrapreneurs are those employees who are driven by passion and find new opportunities to create new services and products that make your company fit for the future.

If your goal is to create a more innovation corporate culture, enable employees to proceed with their ideas to mature products and services, and create an organization that supports these intrapreneurs, then we have a couple of things to offer.

What we offer

We have worked with large companies and with small startups and see the differences in their challenges, and the drives of employees and founders. We can bring the best of both worlds together and make your company ready for the future. For that we offer workshops, consulting, and methodologies.

What do you learn in our Intrapreneurship workshops?

  1. Why does your company need innovation?
  2. What is intrapreneurship?
  3. How to become an intrapreneur.
  4. Learning from an intrapreneur.
  5. How can your company set up an intrapreneurship program?
  6. How can your company help intrapraneurs?
  7. How does your company stop intrapreneurs?
  8. Intrapreneurship resources

What do you get from our Intrapreneurship consulting?

  1. An analysis of your innovation culture and process.
  2. Company-specific guidelines for setting up an intrapreneurship program.
  3. Intrapreneurship metrics definition to measure program success.
  4. Intrapreneurship incentive and attitude change system.
  5. Program success monitoring.

What frameworks and methodologies do we use?

  1. Intrapreneurship Management Framework
  2. Lean Startup / Launchpad
  3. Creativity Techniques
  4. and more

Learn more about that and contact us.

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