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Category: Consulting, Hackathons, Workshops

Client: SAP, PMI, GE, Casinos Austria/Austrian Lotteries...

Date: Since 2009

Ideas are cheap, executing is hard. When ideas and execution come together, we have innovation.

Incremental innovation adds value, but disruptive innovation multiplies value. How you can implement a structure, foster a culture of innovation, get the right sponsor, and measure the outcome is the goal of our consulting and workshops.

What do you learn in our Innovation workshops?

  1. Why does your company need innovation?
  2. What are the types of innovation?
  3. How does innovation work?
  4. Who are the innovators in your company?
  5. How can your company set up an innovation program?
  6. How can your company help innovators?
  7. Innovation resources

What do you get from our Innovation consulting?

  1. An analysis of your innovation culture and process.
  2. Company-specific guidelines for setting up an innovation program.
  3. Innovation metrics definition to measure program success.
  4. Innovation incentive and attitude change system.
  5. Program success monitoring.

What frameworks and methodologies do we use?

  1. Enterprise Innovation Management Framework
  2. Lean Startup / Launchpad
  3. Creativity Techniques
  4. and more

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