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Category: Analyst Reports, Consulting, Workshops

Client: SAP, PMI, Anheuser Busch, Taulia, Zuehlke, Casumo, GE...

Date: Since 2010

Using game elements at work leads to more engagement. And engaged employees do better work and create satisfied customers.

We are experts in gamification and conduct workshops (over 100 so far), work with clients on a gamification strategy, and create and implement gamification designs in business processes for our customers. We published more than half a dozen books on gamification and constantly rank as the top experts.

Our Enterprise Gamification site with the Wiki is the richest resource on gamification.

What do you learn in our Gamification workshops?

  1. Why does your company need gamification?
  2. What is gamification?
  3. How does gamification work?
  4. What are gamification tools & techniques?
  5. Develop a gamification strategy.
  6. What are the risks of gamification?
  7. Gamification resources.

What do you get from our Gamification consulting?

  1. Gamification Strategy.
  2. Gamification Implementation.
  3. Gamification Technology & Platform recommendations.
  4. Gamification program and operation.

What frameworks and methodologies do we use?

  1. Gamification Design Thinking.
  2. Gamification Design Patterns.