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Category: Consulting, Workshops

Client: PMI

Date: Since 2009

Creativity is something we are born with, but unlearn over time. Methodologies and process that we learn, as well as societal pressure let us move from exploring new things to exploiting what we know.

Luckily, un-creativity can be un-learned. And we help you with that by teaching you over creativity techniques. Well practiced, they help you form creative habits and benefit your enterprise.

What do you learn in our Creativity workshops?

  1. Why does your company need creativity?
  2. What is creativity?
  3. How can your employees become more creative?
  4. What are creativity techniques?
  5. Intrapreneurship resources

What do you get from our Creativity consulting?

  1. An analysis of creativity in your company.
  2. Company-specific guidelines for raising creativity levels and making creativity a habit.
  3. Creativity metrics definition to measure program success.
  4. Program success monitoring.

What frameworks and methodologies do we use?

  1. Creativity Techniques

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