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Category: Culture, Innovation, Mindset

On the Ethics of Innovation @ TEDxSanFrancisco [VIDEO]

We generally consider innovation as something that is good and desired, even that we know that people in disrupted industries will lose their jobs and investments destroyed, or that the innovative product or service can be used for nefarious purposes. Innovation to be good needs to create more value for society than it destroys.

But what about respect? We do have respect for people, organizations, and things. But Innovation requires questioning the status quo and people and must not be construed as something that is disrespectful. In this talk given at the TEDxSanFrancisco in 2015 I dive deeper into the relation between respect and innovation, and why paying respect to the wrong people, organizations, and things doesn’t get you innovation. But that respect to ideas and society are important to make society and people better off.