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Enterprise Garage is a boutique consultancy whose goal is to breath some of Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial and innovative spirit into your company. The passion, the love, the desire to make a dent in the universe drives people. And we can show you how Silicon Valley does it.

We conduct workshops on Intrapreneurship, Foresight Thinking, Creativity, Exponential Thinking, Innovation, Gamification, Design Thinking, Gamification, and more.

Foresight Mindset is a practice that allows you to detect new trends earlier and with more confidence. Creativity is a mindset that can be learned. Innovation is not what others do, but where you can lead. Intrapreneurship is a culture that you can create. Gamification is when work becomes more fun and engaging. These are just some of the tools that your company needs to be ready for the challenges of the 21st century.

With a deep knowledge of the mindset of Silicon Valley and what makes it successful, we work with you to be more of that in your ecosystem and culture.

Inspiring & Enabling

From Fortune 500 companies to startups, we have worked with many of them.

Companies that seek to create an innovation culture and foster the entrepreneurial spirit are often looking to Silicon Valley to find ideas, solutions, and blueprints. Given challenges such as digital transformation and exponential trends coming at them, the urgency increases. This is where we can assist and inspire and enable those companies to succeed.

Because we worked in large corporations, were intrapreneurs and innovators, did academic research in technology and economics, mentored and advised startups, organized innovation events, and are entrepreneurs on several continents. Those experiences give us a unique perspective on the challenges that corporations face in an ever faster changing world. In a world, where disruptive innovation can come out of nowhere.

The only thing that does not change is that change is normal. Not the big eat the small, but the faster the slower ones. Often lessons from startups apply to large enterprises and vice versa. We are a connector between these worlds.

This is why we can feel with small and large corporations. This makes us a unique partner for working with you on the challenges of the 21st century.

What we offer

Bringing the Silicon Valley spirit into your company

We involve and teach you on all the aspects of creating and enhancing your company’s innovation culture, assisting your teams to acquire creative techniques and habits, combine the Silicon Valley spirit with your own strengths, make your work experience more fun, and get the user experience right.


Teaching you the methodologies of intrapreneurship, creativity, innovation, and gamification with many hands-on exercises. Experience makes learning stickier.


Your challenge becomes our mission. Working together on it and getting it on track in the right direction is our goal in our consulting work.


Changing attitudes to take calculated risks, remove overburdening formalities and status thinking, becoming aware of your choice of words, and practicing with you public speaking is what we coach.

Innovation Events

Bring buzz into your company with conducting innovation events, ideathons, or hackathons and see your employees unleashing new potentials


Experience the spirit of Silicon Valley, meet the makers and the shakers, and get inspired with our inspiration tours.


Get our innovation intelligence from Silicon Valley with regular updates on trends that affect you, so that you can stay one step ahead of disruption.


Having a foot in the most innovative region on the planet requires some planning to do it right. We assist you with setting up such an outpost to embed yourself, learn, and scout.


I like all odd, innovative, artful, inspirational things. I trade in intrapreneurship, creativity, innovation & gamification. Born and raised in Vienna/Austria, I live now in Silicon Valley.

I have a PhD in Chemical Engineering and an undergraduate business degree. I worked for SAP in Germany and California for many years. I have been living in Silicon Valley since 2001 and worked with many startups that came to Silicon Valley. I founded two companies, organize conferences and meetups on innovative topics and do Silicon Valley inspiration tours. And I do speak at many conferences and events. I write books (11 so far) and regularly publish articles on technology topics.

My most recent book is Das Silicon Valley Mindset (in German) and elaborates on 400 pages the elements that form the innovative and entrepreneurial mindset in Silicon Valley and how we can combine that with our own strengths.

I consult many Fortune 500 companies around the globe and conduct workshops with them, do analyst reports, and serve as scout for the latest trends and innovations.

I am a mentor at the German Accelerator, work with startups from other accelerator including Upwest Labs and Bootstrap Labs. I am an adviser on multiple startups.

Connect with me on LinkedIn or send me an email.

My mission: Assist people making a dent in the universe. Make life and work more fun.

My personal motto: Carpe Diem

Assist people making a dent in the universe. Make life and work more fun.

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